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At Laksh Tutorials we work with each student to understand their weaknesses to convert them into strengths.

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Tutorial service in Mumbai

Whether you want to brush up your concepts, excel in your exams or prepare for competitive entrance exams - we help you with all your needs! We provide tutoring for all ages at your doorstep with click of a mouse.

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Who want to enjoy studying and perform 

Laksh Tutorials is for all those who want to enjoy studying and perform well. It helps you get done with your studies quickly and move on with life.

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Who care about their child’s education 

Parents sometimes have to take care of meals, grandparents, office and that takes priority over the child’s project or math test. Sometimes parents might not even remember how to solve quadratic equations or the functions of the endocrine system.

Enjoy studying and Perform well

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We help you with all your needs!

It doesn’t matter whether you are from IGCSE, IB.. It doesn’t matter which corner of the city you are from. It doesn’t matter if you are the class topper or struggling to pass. 


IB Economics home Tuitions Mumbai
IB home tuitions

Expert IB Home Tutors & Home Tuitions Mumbai

Enjoy A Great Learning Experience At Your Doorstep!

When it comes to selecting IB home tutors in Mumbai, most people believe that the higher the qualification of a teacher, the better they are. However, we at Laksh Tutorials understand that more than qualification it is the competence of teachers that ensures improved performance of their wards. That is why we focus on the teaching capabilities and methodologies of the professionals offering IB home tuitions Mumbai through our website.

Personalized Attention

IB extended essay EE Mumbai

Whether it is the case of providing IB extended essay EE Mumbai, providing guidance for understanding the basic concepts of different topics, we make sure that the students receive personalized attention. We have a low student teacher ratio which further helps us to fulfil this objective.

Enhanced Convenience

IB economic home tutors Mumbai

Our services are designed to maximize the convenience for our users while also improving their academic performance. This is done through the provision of flexible timings for IB economic home tutors & Home Tuitions Mumbai as well as for other subjects. In addition to improving the time management capabilities of the students, it makes them more productive.

Better Assessment Of Skills And Capabilities

IB internal assessment IA Mumbai

Since every student is treated individually, it ensures better IB internal assessment IA Mumbai. Moreover, the results of any such assessments are kept discreet minimizing any chances of embarrassment for the students and giving them a fair opportunity to improve performance.

IGCSE home tuitions Mumbai

IGCSE Home Tutors & Home Tuitions Mumbai

The Best And Most Reliable Learning Experience At Your Doorstep!

Every child is different and has hence had different learning and understanding needs. This often leads parents to seek IGSE home tuitions Mumbai to improve the performance of their child. We at Laksh Tutorials understand this fact better than anyone else and hence work towards fulfilling the diverse needs of individual students. In keeping with this objective, we make it possible for the parents and students to find the best IGCSE home tutors Mumbai. Our website provides an easy and hassles free for the students to find a perfect tutor as per their specific learning needs.

Why Laksh Tutorials

Performance Focused

IGCSE home tutors Mumbai

We at Laksh Tutorials are committed to the objective of providing performance focused learning solutions through IGCSE home tutors & Home Tuitions Mumbai. In order to ensure the same, we make sincere efforts to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each student. In addition, we pay special attention towards accessing the learning needs and capabilities of the students.

Enhanced Experience

IGCSE home tutors & Tuitions Mumbai

We pay special attention towards accessing the learning needs and capabilities of the students. This helps us to connect them with right professional teachers who can enhance their overall learning experiences. Our team makes sure that the learning becomes an enjoyable and interesting journey for the students rather than turning into an unwanted yet necessary burden.

Scope Of Our Services

IGCSE economics home tutors Mumbai

We offer our services to students across all age groups, education streams and even specific subjects. Whether the students need to prepare for competitive exams or are looking for IGCSE economics home tutors & Home Tuitions Mumbai, we help them find and interact with the right professionals. Check our website today to learn more about our services.

“I can positively say that Laksh Tutorials has helped me to be a better person. It has helped me develop a positive attitude towards my studies and discover more about myself. Teachers at Laksh Tutorials are very caring and interested in students’ well-being. They make sure every class is fun, educational and interactive.”

Shubhangi S.


“The staff and instructors are always helpful and are looking out for you.  I wasn’t sure what to expect when I made the decision to go for Laksh Tutuorials.  I have been exposed to a new world of opportunities. The standards are very high, which always makes me feel well supported. Thanks Laksh Tutorials.”

Milind A.


“ I am living my dreams, studying a subject that I’m passionate about   with Laksh Tutorials. I have felt extremely welcome here from the beginning.  The faculty and staff have been great, supporting me the entire way. The instructors are always available whenever I need them. Regards.”

Lakshmish C.


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