7 Point Approach

Laksh Tutorials has a 7-point approach to private tuition.
1. The Mission

We make sure that the “tutoring mission” is well established before the tutoring starts. Popular missions are: a particular grade in an exam; entry to a particular school; improvement of self-esteem.

2. Student interaction

We arrange for an executive who will personally visit your home to have a one to one discussion with the student to understand his /her basic requirements and passes a thorough report to the tutor detailing areas that need the most work.

3. Conversation with the parents.

What works best in our experience – is to have the parents on side throughout the process. Hence our executive will understand the requirements from the parents too and what they are looking for finally for.

4. Selection of a tutor

We choose a tutor with experience and training in completing the particular mission.

5. Immediate feedback

We make contact with both the parent and/or student, and tutor, after the first lesson to discuss the reactions of both, and to see whether the stated mission is realistic or needs adjusting.

6. Regular feedback throughout the course

Each tutor gives a regular feedback detailing the work done in the month; the successes and areas to work on; and the work for the coming month.

7. Always available

Beyond that, Laksh Tutorials commits itself to calling each parent at regular intervals to discuss the progress of the tuition. Parents are encouraged to call us, or the office, as often as they like; keeping personally abreast of each tutoring mission is a core philosophy of the company.

Enjoy studying and Perform well

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“I can positively say that Laksh Tutorials has helped me to be a better person. It has helped me develop a positive attitude towards my studies and discover more about myself. Teachers at Laksh Tutorials are very caring and interested in students’ well-being. They make sure every class is fun, educational and interactive.”

Shubhangi S.


“The staff and instructors are always helpful and are looking out for you.  I wasn’t sure what to expect when I made the decision to go for Laksh Tutuorials.  I have been exposed to a new world of opportunities. The standards are very high, which always makes me feel well supported. Thanks Laksh Tutorials.”

Milind A.


“ I am living my dreams, studying a subject that I’m passionate about   with Laksh Tutorials. I have felt extremely welcome here from the beginning.  The faculty and staff have been great, supporting me the entire way. The instructors are always available whenever I need them. Regards.”

Lakshmish C.


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